Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chinese Characters Tools

I find this tool to deal with Chinese characters is very useful, I called this 字義服務Context Service
The functions for this tool has the ability to:
  1. 查字碼 look for character code
  2. 字義查詢 look for character meaning/context:
  3. 音查字 look for characters from sound
  4. 搜索(漢或英) search context records 
  5. 漢英-英漢 詞典 CEDICT  Chinese-English Dictionary
To check the unicode representation, the utf-8 code of any chinese character, you can use function #1.
To see the meaning of a chinese character, you will use function #2.
If you want to lookup a character, knowing the syllable or how to spell or pronounce it, you enter the syllable but with the tone 1-9, it will search for all the characters with the same sound and then you can look up the meaning of the character. This is the function #3.
You can also search the meaning, or context by entering the character or english meaning. This is function #4.
You can use the Chinese English Dictionary to search instead of the context database as you can search words (multiple characters) instead of characters. That is the function #5.

Please test it out at Context Service@pcwong.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cantonese Service

The Cantonese Service is taking shape. The services include getting the syllable table and through the table you can get the list of character with the same syllable. You can specify the syllables in terms of consonant and vowel to list all characters of that particular sound and even specify the tone to get the list of characters with the same consonant, vowel and tone.
To the get a particular character, you can specify the character with the number corresponding to the order of the listing.
You can also enter a character to obtain the syllable of the particular character.
Most important of all is that you can enter a whole text into the text area and the system will find all the syllables for the entered characters, with sound as well.
You can have the format out to display the syllables, to voice the text one character at a time automatically or to voice each character based on the clicking of the characters.
It is hopefully a great learning tools for those who want to learn chinese in cantonese.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Chinese Fonts

One good thing happened, Google releases a set of Fonts for the the world, supporting over 96 fonts and here is the link:
Thanks to google.