Monday, November 23, 2009


一語道破 is to say that the secret meaning is revealed with just a word. The key word is spoken.


一網打盡 is capturing all with one net. Implying conquering, collecting all or everything once and for all. One net一網. 打盡 is shoot or bring everything down or finalized.


一鳴驚人 says someone surprises all people in a good way. 一鳴 once voice, one scream or one deed. 驚人 astonish all people with the amazing deed.


一路平安 usually used to wish someone go away without obstacle or hardship while he is out, leaving the family. 一路 one way, one road, where he off to. 平安 being safe.


一落千丈 describe the worst thing (economically) happened. 一落 one down, when thing goes down (business), then will go 千丈 thousand miles down, describing how bad it is.


一意孤行 describe a person very self-centered. A person only do it his way. 一意 one mind. 孤行 do or go行 alone孤, by his way, his will.


一筆勾消 means wipe off everything with one stroke. All was owe can be even out. 一筆 is one stroke (pen). 勾 is hook, means retrieved. 消 is eliminated, disappeared, gone.


一絲不苟 means very serious about doing something. Not even one tiny thing will be overlooked. Doing or working at something with perfection.


一絲一毫 describes the very tiny little thing. 一絲 one thread of silk. 一毫 is one cent. These are little things.


一無是處 nothing is right. Not even one thing is right. 一無 is do not have one. 是處 right thing.


一無所知 is similar to other 一無's. Nothing, not even one thing. 所知 would know or know about. 一無所知 is someone knows nothing or doesn't know about anything.


一無所長 is to say something has no skill in anything, not even one thing that he may be good at. 一無 is no one (thing) and 所長 is good at or possess any kind of talent.


一無所有 means nothing, having nothing, not even a thing. 一無 means 無一 no one, not even one. 所有 all have, all you have. All you have is not even one thing. Having nothing.


一無可取 means worthless. Not even one (一) thing can be (可) got, useful (取).


以柔制剛 is to say SOFT(NESS) can control or manipulate HARD(NESS). This is always the subtle chinese philosophy. No matter how hard or strong that any substance or tactic does possess, there is no competition with the gentle, soft and easy solution. Like the drops of water can (eventually) diminish the rock (over years or million of years).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


以守為攻 is the similar strategy like 以退為進。 Using 守, defense as the deceptive tactic of 攻, offense. If you play badminton, you probably will get the idea.


以退為進 is a very useful strategy. Deceiving your opponent by backing off.