Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Character Look up

A lot of chinese character input or chinese character selection method is based on pin-yin. The problem of those methods are that users have to get used to the spelling of the syllables. There so many way to spell out the sound, but there is no standard. Another problem is that they do not have a good collection of characters. Another method is to look at the character and spell out the strokes which made up the character. It is quite arbitrary but with a lot of training, some people manage to type very fast with accurary, called themselves the expert. Another kind is type the English meaning of the character like dictionary or translation, you can hope that the desired character can be found.
PRECISION is hard to achieve or accuracy or probability of getting the right character is not good for most people even though they are cantonese native speaker.
I kept the traditional way of looking up character using radicals as they are the most basic, even though it is not efficiency. This way can guarantee you to find the character you find. A faster way is to look up the character from its probable syllables as some of them sound very similar. It will be beneficial to someone who do not speak with proper syllable and they can learn how now.
Check out my site: http://cantonese.pcwong.org/


PINYIN 拼音 is like spelling the sound based on the set of alphabets. Chinese does not do it this way. They use something called 反切.
I called my system 同音選字法 because you will look for the word in Chinese to find the proper chinese with the disired sound, then look up the tones and pick the desired character.
Check it out at http://pcwong.org/gwdw/cantonese.html
You need only two clicks to find the character you want.
I also add other easy ways to find characters or symbol in sets such as time, money, quantity, numbers and even English and Greek characters. Here you go. Express yourself in cantonese chinese! You can learn chinese with it.