Sunday, February 14, 2010


撻着 means ignited. It means falling in love very rapidly or having a lovely feeling with each other very quickly or falling in love very quickly.


攪嘢 means stirring something but now it means creating trouble, making someone laugh or even making love to someone or having sex with someone (making baby).


潛水 originally means swimming under water but now it means hiding and avoiding the responsibility or leaving somewhere that no one can find.


慶生 normally will mean grateful to be survived but now it means celebrating birthday.


噴飯 is to throw up the rice through the mouth. It means something or action is very ridiculous, very funny and making you laugh so will result the throwing up the rice while eating.

摺 is to fold. It is used now to mean inactivity, resisting participating and fore closure, winding up something.


淆底 is new in HK. It is saying someone is afraid of everything, a coward, retrieve anything coming up, giving up very easily, afraid of failing.

喪 means miserable. Now in HK's current context, it means crazy, cannot control ownself or simply doing something meaningless consistently.

插 is stabbed. In some context, it is saying talking something bad of someone on his back. Now in HK, it is saying scolding someone, criticizing someone, or denouncing someone.