Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cantonese Input Chinese System

Cantonese Input Chinese System 

Using cantonese to input chinese is now online for everyone to try. It can be accessed through . Hope that you will try it and give me some suggestion to improve it. The system is based on 3 clicks, that is, first click the consonant, next click the vowel and from the list of characters organized by their respective tones, choose the character that you like. There is another system for 2 clicks. You just use the mouse (move it around - it is called mouseover in technical term)  to select the consonant, all characters of all possible syllables(vowels) under the chosen consonant will be shown. First click to choose all the characters of the same syllable (consonant and vowel), the second or last click to choose the character desired. If a character desired without knowing the cantonese pronounciation, I have a system using radicals to find the character desired. The system can be accessed here:


用廣東話輸入中文的網上系統大致完成,現在放在 希望大家試下,俾啲意見。

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