Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chinese Characters Tools

I find this tool to deal with Chinese characters is very useful, I called this 字義服務Context Service
The functions for this tool has the ability to:
  1. 查字碼 look for character code
  2. 字義查詢 look for character meaning/context:
  3. 音查字 look for characters from sound
  4. 搜索(漢或英) search context records 
  5. 漢英-英漢 詞典 CEDICT  Chinese-English Dictionary
To check the unicode representation, the utf-8 code of any chinese character, you can use function #1.
To see the meaning of a chinese character, you will use function #2.
If you want to lookup a character, knowing the syllable or how to spell or pronounce it, you enter the syllable but with the tone 1-9, it will search for all the characters with the same sound and then you can look up the meaning of the character. This is the function #3.
You can also search the meaning, or context by entering the character or english meaning. This is function #4.
You can use the Chinese English Dictionary to search instead of the context database as you can search words (multiple characters) instead of characters. That is the function #5.

Please test it out at Context Service@pcwong.com

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