Monday, April 8, 2013

chinese character stroke count

I was organizing all the databases for my "I love cantonese" website. I am proud. I have done a lot to allow users inputing chinese using cantonese syllables.

There are 5 databases that I have created. The first one is the cantonese database which is based on the syllable to choose the chinese character having the same consonant, vowel and tone. It was original in files but I exported the data to the database to allow searching relatively faster and maintaining easier. The second database is based on the first one which allows user to search the syllable of a given character, kind of the reverse process of the first one. Using syllable to look for character and oppositely using character to look for its syllable and allow user to see some characters have mulitple syllables.

The third one is for looking up the meaning of each character and I called it the context database. The fourth one is the dictionary database which I use CEDICT and add and modify it as needed. The last one is the radical database which collect characters under each radical and there are only 214 radicals. The problem is that some radicals have over hundreds characters which make it hard to search for one desired and this is the problem leading me to find the character stroke count as most people further classify characters using the number of stroke count. However there are tens of thousands of the characters which is intimidating to input the number of strokes character by character. Luckily I found on internet a way to do it.

There is a file in unicode to tell me the number of stroke count and I used it, it work beautifully and I will integrate this later to help the search. Please stay tuned.

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