Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Final Design of Cantonese Input Method

This should be my final design out of all the cantonese input methods that I have previously done. This version should be the easiest, fastest and it should be able to be ported in any other devices. I have just modified it so you can choose the layout in Chinese/Cantonese or English:

If you are thinking of entering "初" which in Linguistic Society of Hong Kong's LSHK Transcription System spells as "co1", you will click the principal "o" first, then you will have a list of all characters will vowel "o" will all different consonants such as "zo", "to", "mo", "go" etc. Also you have all characters with all various tones as well. By choosing one of them, you will get the list of characters having the same consonant, vowel and tone. The last click is to select the one you want and in this case '初'. This system takes only 3 or 4 clicks. I think this is awesome!

You can test it here: http://pcwong.org/cantonese/input8-mc-2.html
or http://pcwong.org/cantonese/input8-pj-1.html

Have fun! Enjoy!

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